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Box Office Round-Up: “Annabelle: Creation” Proves “The Conjuring”’s Cinematic Universe Has Legs

August 11 - 13, 2017

1. Annabelle: Creation (Opening) - $35.0m

2. Dunkirk (4th) - $11.4m

3. The Nut Job 2: Nutty By Nature (Opening) - $8.9m

4. The Dark Tower (2nd) - $7.8m

5. The Emoji Movie (3rd) - $6.6m

6. Girls Trip (4th) - $6.2m

7. Spider-Man: Homecoming (6th) - $6.1m

8. Kidnap (2nd) - $5.2m

9. The Glass Castle (Opening) - $4.8m

10. Atomic Blonde (3rd) - $4.5m

Also opening:

  • Ingrid Goes West - $141k ($47k avg)
  • Good Time - $137k ($34k avg)
  • The Only Living Boy In New York - $57k ($3k avg)
  • The Trip to Spain - $45k ($15k avg)


Sitting at the top of the list is a prequel to a spinoff––Annabelle: Creation. Reviews are kinder than the first one and audiences treated it just the same, coming close to Annabelle’s $37m opening in 2014. A modest haul, but this is horror, so it doubles its modest $15m budget. With four entries down so far, it seems like The Conjuring's cinematic universe is a relative success, especially compared to all the other failed universe attempts.

Meanwhile, Girls Trip comes close to $100m domestically and becomes the highest grossing live-action comedy of the year so far. Two of the summer's best-reviewed films have also hit significant milestones: Wonder Woman crosses $400m and Baby Driver passes $100m. The former is now in the top 25 films of all-time domestically (unadjusted) and is just $7m shy of Marvel’s Iron Man 3 and Civil War’s gross, while the latter has made more than Edgar Wright’s other 4 films combined. Impressive.

Annabelle: Creation

Girls Trip. (Credit: Source.)


More underwhelming than bad, but debuting in 1.5k theaters, making what appears to be a guest appearance in the top 10 isn’t great for The Glass Castle. It had a theater average of just $3.3k. Critics were too mild, but audiences who did see it are reportedly satisfied. At least it dwarfs Cretton and Larson’s last outing with Short Term 12 which barely made $1m. The Glass Castle may be lucky to tip $10m at this rate though.

On a similar poor theater average level but on a smaller scale in just 15 theaters, Marc Webb’s second film of the year, The Only Living Boy in New York, does worse than Gifted, which came out in April with an average of nearly $8k between 56 theaters, while Living Boy squeezes $3.8k. Blame Allan Loeb? Let’s blame Allan Loeb. But it does seem that Marc Webb is suffering post-Spider-Man, even if he’s apparently doing minor passion projects to pass the time.


It’s not the worst wide opening ever, but The Nut Job 2: Nutty By Nature has by far the worst opening of a film in over 4k theaters. It’s an independent animated film, so it’s hardly surprising, but hardly good news. The first film grossed $64m total after a $19m opening in 2014 so unless kids really do want to see Jackie Chan as much as the marketing suggests, it probably won’t see $30m. Very poor show.