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Box Office Roundup: “The Big Sick” and “The Beguiled” Impress at the Indies while “Transformers” Sets a Franchise Low

June 23-25, 2017

1. Transformers: The Last Knight (Opening) - $45.3M

2. Cars 3 (2nd) - $25.1M

3. Wonder Woman (4th) - $25.1M

4. 47 Meters Down (2nd) - $7.4M

5. All Eyez On Me (2nd) - $5.8M

6. The Mummy (3rd) - $5.8M

7. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (5th) - $5.2M

8. Rough Night (2nd) - $4.7M

9. Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie (4th) - $4.2M

10. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (8th) - $3.0M

Also opening:

  • The Big Sick - $435.0k ($87.0k avg)
  • The Beguiled - $240.5k ($60.1k avg)
  • The Bad Batch - $91.1k ($3.0k avg)


The best and brightest cinema this weekend can be found in the indie theatres. Acclaimed autobiographical rom-com The Big Sick is the biggest winner with the best theater average of the year so far. When Judd Apatow has a commercial and critical hit on his hands, they can be pushed upwards to $100M which would be a tremendous achievement for Kumail Nanjiani. Let’s see if the world wants these diverse voices in the mainstream when it goes wide in two weeks. This buzz could be entirely in the film fan community...

Cannes Best Director winner The Beguiled is looking to quickly become Sofia Coppola’s best success story since Lost In Translation, especially considering her works in the past ten years have typically underwhelmed. The $60k average is her best showing yet for a limited opening weekend, and with the film’s enticing stars it shouldn’t suffer under its 500 theatre expansion next week. The period aspect may be a turn-off, but the seductive genre work could negate that.


Let’s keep talking about Wonder Woman. Not only did it match a Pixar film’s second week with its fourth week, but at $318M and counting, it’s on the path to gross more than Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ($330M) and Suicide Squad ($325) within the next week or two. Kudos goes to Patty Jenkins for giving a more promising start to where the DCU is heading. Justice League in November has a critically and commercially high bar to hit.

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So, most of the top 10 severely underwhelmed this week and it was a low-grossing weekend. Besides Wonder Woman, one film stood out and jumped up the list, and that was 47 Meters Down. It was a modest success last week, but dropping less than 34% is major for the low budget horror whilst screening amongst glitzy tentpoles.




The Bad Batch. Excuse me. Perhaps hurt by a simultaneous iTunes release as well as the poor audience scores on Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic (the critics are kinder), the $3k average theater gross for The Bad Batch is challenging to recover from when this is very unlikely to expand or appeal to a wider audience.

As projected last week, All Eyez On Me did indeed have the horrendous drop that Notorious suffered in 2009, falling 78%, a little bit more than the aforementioned Biggie Smalls biopic.


And I’m not just talking about the horrific aspect ratios. Yeesh. Again, we critique the #1 of the weekend. Franchise fatigue sets in as Transformers: The Last Knight grosses less than half of what the 3rd and 4th installments made in their opening weekends at their respective 2011 and 2014 openings, which both surpassed $100M. It’s significantly less than the $70M the first Transformers film made 10 years ago.

Naturally, Hollywood is making this movie for the rest of the rest of the world, focusing on worldwide gross which generally matched Age of Extinction’s mark, but it’s got a lot of work to do to catch-up.